1. Sean Nakamura 3d Modeling Demo Reel

    Demo Reel break down

    Scene 1

    “Ruslan & Ludmila” – Battle Field

    Role: Visual Development Artist & 3d Modeler

    ·       Modeled and Re-sculpted “Ivan the Horse”

           Re shaped problem areas with fixative blend shapes

    ·       Modeled Skulls and Helms, Uv mapped and Textured Skulls Helms and Sword


    Scene 2

    “Ruslan & Ludmila” – Chernomor the Evil Wizard

    Role: 3d Modeler & Visual Development Artist

    ·       Character Design & Model Packets

    ·       Modeled in Zbrush

    ·       Fiber Mesh for the beard

    ·       Texture and Painted Chernomor

    ·       This sculpt was made for reference for other artist who would draw Chernomor


    Scene 3

    “Ruslan & Ludmila”

    Role: 3d Modeler & Character TD

    ·       Modeled and Re-sculpted the Horse

    ·       The original model was pre rigged. I had to adjust the model with fixative blend shapes in Zbrush and Maya, without destroying the function of the rig.

    ·       Weight Painting

    Scene 4


    A Tibetan Kung Fu nun, protector of the lost pages of the Voynich Manuscript. 

    Software: Maya, Zbrush , Topogun

    Designed, Modeled, Textured, Uv mapped, Generated Maps

    Budget 20,000 triangles

    Scene 5

    “The Colossal Monarch”

    Role: Creature Designer & 3d Modeler

    ·       Creature Design and Anatomy

    ·       Modeled in Maya first, then brought to Zbrush for High Res Sculpts

    ·       Poly Painted and Textured

    Scene 6

    “Datsun 510 Bluebird 1600 SSS”

    Role: 3d Modeler

    ·       Modeled in Maya with Curves, SubD surfaces and Polygons

    ·       Used Mental Ray Shaders for Car Paint and Materials

    Scene 7

    “Millennium Falcon”

    Role: 3d Modeler

    ·       Modeled in Zbrush

    ·       Textured with Polypaint

    ·       Engine glow composited in After effects


  2. Wabbit Wobot Turn Around.

  3. "Tenzin" Mixamo Voynich Manuscript Adventure Contest Entry.

    Character Design & Modeling done by me.

    Auto rigg & Animation from Mixamo

  4. Sean Nakamura 3d Modeling Demo Reel

  5. datsun 510 (Blue Bird SSS) maya model